Welcome to the 2018 Outback Challenge. This is the 15th running of this iconic event. Starting in Silverton you will get to enjoy the atmosphere of a true Aussie outback pub with the Silverton Hotel, its here we will have our meet and greet and you will get to know who you are travelling with.

The prologue stages are located close to Silverton and these stages will determine the competitor running order for the rest of the week. After the weekend of prologue stages you will get your exclusive access to the stations and the landscapes that make up the Outback Challenge.

The first property we will be staying at is Viewmont on the Darling River. It’s incredibly dry this year and there is very little water on the properties other than what’s in the Darling River. But we might know a couple of lagoons that will keep the competitors busy.

After Viewmont you will travel along 45k of station tracks to the red sands of Denian. Denian has been a part of the Outback Challenge since 1999 and gives us the iconic red sand that is the ‘Aussie Outback’. With it being so dry this year the sand is soft and deep. Very challenging for the competitors. You will spend the night by the camp fire listening to the poetry of one of Australia’s leading poets. Then by day you will hear the V8’s roar and the competitors push themselves to exhaustion.

From Denian you will travel to Moonavale via dinner at Wilcannia. You will arrive in the dark under the spectacular starry skies. But when you wake in the morning the landscape and the ring of fire will blow you away. The competitor’s stages are rocky and extreme and the backdrop sets an amazing stage.

From Moonavale it is back to Mt Gipps via station tracks. This will be your last big transport and you will be able to settle in for the next few days to watch the stages at Poolamacca and the big finale….Madmax. Poolamacca is one of the roughest and most spectacular properties in North West NSW. We will get you in the thick of it to see some extreme action.

Madmax is the final massive stage of the Outback Challenge. It is one loop of 146km. We will get you into some great spectator locations, but the best way to see it will be from the air. This year we will have a helicopter available for laps of Madmax. This will really open your eyes as to where these competitors go. But you will have to book early to get your preferred flight time.

Madmax will finish where you are camped and then presentations will be made under the stars followed by live music. It will be a great night to wrap up the 2018 Outback Challenge.

Along with all the action of the Outback Challenge you will be treated to entertainment, navigation challenges, photo competitions and much much more. There will be plenty of givewaways from our valued sponsors ARB, NARVA, WARN, Road Runner Offroad, Dynamic Wheel Co, Spitwater, Harrop, Roadsafe 4WD and Toyo Tires. They are all great brands and have fantastic products.

Numbers are limited so get your ticket to the Outback fast before they are sold out. Fill out the form below to lock in your 2018 adventure.