• What is the Outback Challenge
    The Outback Challenge is a 7 day endurance 4×4 challenge. Based in Broken Hill the challenge traverses a series of private properties within a 200km Radius of Broken Hill. The terrain ranges from harsh rock to soft deep red outback sand and bottomless mud of the Darling River. Team must be completely self sufficient for a large portion of the event. They must carry their own food, bedding, spares, tools and anything else they need to survive in the outback. Stages are navigated by GPS. At the beginning of each stage teams receive their stage notes and proceed to the finish line in as fast as they can. There are no tracks, just the arrow on their GPS and their skill to navigate the terrain. It is a race and the fastest time wins. Between each stage there is transport sections. Most of the long distance transport happens in the evening. The Outback Challenge covers millions of acres of private land, it is an endurance challenge and reliability is the key. The last stage of the Outback Challenge is a single lap of 150km and competitors have 8 hours to complete the course. It travels through 3 outback stations north of Broken Hill. The course is natural terrain with very few marked tracks. The terrain is very difficult and suited to very capable offroad vehicles.
  • What sort of vehicle do I need?
    You need a well set up 4WD vehicle. This can be a production vehicle or a custom built vehicle. There are strict safety requirements for your vehicle. These can be found at the CCDA website. Use the links below.
    Roll Cages | Rules and Regulations | Log Books and Scrutineering
  • Does my vehicle have to be registered?
    No, the competitive aspect of the Outback Challenge is run entirely on private property. However the transport stages use public roads. You can obtain an unregistered vehicle permit in order to travel on public roads during the event.
  • What fuel range do I need?
    Ideally your vehicle should be capable of 400 road kilometers. Fuel will be available along the transport sections of the event. In remote areas we will ship the fuel in on a truck but the fuel must be pre purchased. For Madmax only competitors the nearest available fuel is approximately 40km away from camp in Broken Hill. There will be 2 pit stops where you can refuel your vehicle during Madmax. Pit 1 is at basecamp. Pit 2 is only accessible via 4WD and is approximately 45min from basecamp.  Any fuel that needs to be transported to these pits must be done by a registered Pit vehicle.
  • Racesuits
    Racesuits are compulsory for all competing team members.
  • Do we need a GPS?
    Yes you will need a GPS. You will be provided with stage notes at the start line of each stage. These notes will have your start time and the coordinates to navigate the stage. Madmax only competitors will be supplied with a GPX file and can download the coordinates into their GPS. In order to follow the full course and find the waypoints you will need a GPS that you can enter coordinates into. A ‘navman’ style road GPS will not work.
  • What is Rally Safe and Do we need it?
    Rallysafe is a satellite tracking device, it is how we follow teams and track their progress. It is also a phenomenal safety feature. If you are in trouble you can send a call for help and we can start recovery procedures straight away. It also has rollover and impact detection. If either of these happen we are automatically notified of the magnitude of the impact and the exact location without competitors having to touch a thing. It also lets teams know when they have reached the virtual waypoints and manages all of the stage times.  We provide competitors with the rallysafe units at scrutineering but you must purchase the installation kit. Click here to purchase.
  • Do I need to be a CCDA member?
    Yes all competitors, marshals and pit crew must be CCDA members.
  • Toilets and Showers
    There will be toilets and showers onsite at basecamp.  When in the Outback and away from basecamp there will be no toilet facilities. Competitors, spectators and marshals must provide their own toilet amenities. All waste products must be disposed of in a environmentally sound manner.
  • Waste
    Glass is not permitted at the Challenge basecamp. All rubbish must be taken away with you. There will be no bins onsite.