2020 Outback Challenge Adventure Tours

2 Day Menindee Tour

Travel from base camp to Menindee via Broken Hill. The drive is a bit under 200k to get to Menindee but it is a nice easy drive. We set up camp on the menindee lakes and wait for the sun to set. Get your cameras ready because the views are spectacular. For dinner you can head into Menindee to enjoy a true outback country pub or you can cook by the camp fire and enjoy the company of your new friends. In the morning after we pack up camp we head to the beautiful historic Kinchega Woolshed for a glimpse into Australian pastoral history. Then it will be time to head back to basecamp via Broken Hill for supplies if needed.

Distance – 400km
Time – 2 days
Difficulty – Easy, Camping

2 Day White Cliffs – Moonavale Tour

This is a longer Adventure. Enjoy the Drive though Outback Stations to the Historic Town of White Cliffs. Here you can shop for the treasured opal or take a tour of the underground hotels. After a bite to eat and a look around we will travel to the epic station of Moonavale. The landscape here has a history dating back millions of years. The land here captivates Geologists from all over the world, studying how the the rugged hills have collided and how different their formations are. You will camp at the foot of Peveril Peak with the ring of fire towering over you. For the more adventurous you can go for a drive to the top of Peveril peak and walk to the ring of fire. Have your hiking boots on as the terrain is pretty rough. In the morning the ring of fire will greet you with a beam a light shining on camp. After breakfast we will pack up our gear and make our way back to basecamp through more private outback stations and the Mutawintji Nature Reserve. If time permits or the group chooses we can stop in at the iconic Packsaddle Roadhouse for Lunch. The final leg of the tour is an adventurous drive through the back of Poolamacca station into camp.

Distance – 500km
Time – 2 days
Difficulty – Easy, camping

Peak to Peak – Tour of Poolamacca

Poolamacca is an amazing property that the Outback Challenge has run on since 1998. It is the rockiest outback station in western NSW. The station is approximately 140000 acres and is perfect for what we do. It is traditional aboriginal land and is managed by the traditional aboriginal owners and it is a great privilege to have access to this land and to enjoy the spectacular landscapes that it has to offer. This tour takes you along a trail that has been a past Outback Challenge stage to the highest hill tops on the property. The 360 degree views are spectacular. You will get to explore the old paragon copper mine and view the gorge that is infamous to Outback Challenge competitors. The driving is great fun without being too difficult and will take a few hours to explore at a leisurely pace.

Distance – 40km
Time – 6 hours
Difficulty – Intermediate

Historic Mine Tour

Enjoy a trip into history. Go to a place that was established by the white fella before Broken Hill existed. Explore the mines and mine trails from more than 100 years ago. The drive is a little bit challenging but nothing a dedicated 4wd can not do. Bring your cameras as the rock formations are breath taking. Spend some time exploring them as it is a privilege to have access to these places. 

Distance – 40km
Time – 6 hours approx
Difficulty – Intermediate

Silverton Pub Run

Follow the spectacular gorges of Poolamacca, have a whole lot of fun driving in the sandy creek beds while we travel west toward the Wilangee Rd. When we disengage the hubs and hit the road we head south toward Broken Hill on our way to the famous Living desert and sculptures . On our return trip we will stop in at the Silverton Hotel for a bite to eat and some time exploring the historic township and the Madmax museum. On our return trip we engage the hubs again and travel along exciting tracks back to camp.

Distance – 250km
Time – 8 hours approx
Difficulty – beginner

Madmax Experience

Do you have a capable vehicle and you love to use it. Then this is the experience for you! Travel to the toughest parts of Madmax. Drive the Epic gorges that the competitors race along. This trip is for the experienced only. A winch is a must just in case and lockers are recommended.

Distance – 40km
Time – 6 hours approx
Difficulty – Experienced