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GPS tracking for the 2014 Outback Challenge

A huge leap forward for Cross Country Racing and the 2014 Outback Challenge is GPS Tracking. We are in the process of finalising a deal that will allow event management to track every vehicle live. But the best bit is that this is not limited to event management, it will also be streamed live to […]

4 girls 4 trucks 4 weeks

Cape York beware 4 girls, 4 trucks in 4 weeks plan to be there! No men! Four girls are planning a grueling trip to Cape York Peninsular from Brisbane to raise awareness and funds to ‘save the bush’. This epic adventure will be a major fundraiser stopping at different towns to raise monies and awareness […]

Welcome ARB as sponsors of the 2014 Outback Challenge

I am proud to announce that ARB are major sponsors of the Outback Challenge for 2014. As we all know ARB are the leaders in 4×4 Accessories both nationally and internationally. Having ARB on board with the Outback Challenge brings a prestige and a quality that goes hand in hand with an event of this […]


The Outback Challenge is a week long event covering ground without tracks. Teams have to find their way cross country to their next destination in a set amount of time using their GPS navigation. The event will not wait for those that are broken. Teams need to know their vehicles and their limits. It will […]


The Australian Outback and Broken Hill has a lot to offer, and what better way to see it then in a blur across uncharted ground. Get you and your vehicle to the next waypoint the best way you know how. If there is a canyon go around. If the is a mountain go over it. […]

Official Dates

The dates for the 2014 Outback Challenge have been locked in. They will be from Friday the 17th October to Friday the 24th of October. At the moment we have 56 Competitors signed up. This will be capped at 60 with anyone interested going on a waiting list. There will be places become available and […]