GPS tracking for the 2014 Outback Challenge

A huge leap forward for Cross Country Racing and the 2014 Outback Challenge is GPS Tracking. We are in the process of finalising a deal that will allow event management to track every vehicle live. But the best bit is that this is not limited to event management, it will also be streamed live to the website for public viewing. This system also includes emergency features so any competitor can put out a distress call at any time, Competitors will also know when they are in proximity of another vehicle. It can potentially even time all of the stages and alert you when you have reached your waypoints and log your results. The implementation needs to be finalised but it will be an exciting new addition to our sport.

4 girls 4 trucks 4 weeks

Cape York beware 4 girls, 4 trucks in 4 weeks plan to be there! No men!


Four girls are planning a grueling trip to Cape York Peninsular from Brisbane to raise awareness and funds to ‘save the bush’. This epic adventure will be a major fundraiser stopping at different towns to raise monies and awareness for John Rooth’s ‘Unlock Australia’ campaign. This journey will begin May 2014 after major fundraising to get the Aussie girls on their way. The four girls may face many perils on the way from mechanical problems, blocked access and being girls! This is a great opportunity for media to get behind this great campaign and support this adventure. 4WD enthusiasts will welcome this journey especially if it stops 4WD tracks from being locked up. This is our Australia, our bush and our passion! Four girls are going to show just how much the bush can be saved! The Co-coordinator Jessica Griffin will be taking photographs and hopes that  media may come on board and film this epic adventure to show not only the aspects of the Australian bush but to also promote this worthy cause which could be made into a television documentary. . At the moment they are desperately in need of major sponsors to make this worthwhile cause a reality! Get behind four girls and Roothy’s ‘Unlock Australia,’ by donations or sponsorships. For more information on this epic journey please contact the coordinator of save the Bush

Jessica Griffin on 0433700405, 0738056621 or

Welcome ARB as sponsors of the 2014 Outback Challenge

I am proud to announce that ARB are major sponsors of the Outback Challenge for 2014. As we all know ARB are the leaders in 4×4 Accessories both nationally and internationally. Having ARB on board with the Outback Challenge brings a prestige and a quality that goes hand in hand with an event of this magnitude. All of the vehicles that will compete in the Outback Challenge use ARB gear, from difflocks and recovery gear to fridges and clothing. ARB are known for quality and this is why the top teams use their gear. So support the companies that support the Outback Challenge. Jump on their website to check out the latest gear  or like their facebook page to keep up with the latest info from the best 4WD Accessory provider in the world!

Click here facebook page

Click here for ARB Website

ARB 4x4 Accessories

Official Dates

The dates for the 2014 Outback Challenge have been locked in. They will be from Friday the 17th October to Friday the 24th of October.

At the moment we have 56 Competitors signed up. This will be capped at 60 with anyone interested going on a waiting list. There will be places become available and if we find we can cater for more than 60 then we will.

Feed back from Broken Hill is all positive and there are some great new concepts in the pipeline.

Stay Tuned


Welcome to the 2014 Outback Challenge Website.

Its early days but if you want it IT WILL HAPPEN!

Browse the website and put your name down to show your interest.

The more interest we get the more likely it will happen

If you put your name down you will go on an email list that will keep you up to date with the latest information.

Together we can make this a reality!