Event Outline

Date: September 26th to September 29th 2018

The Outback Challenge is a 3 day cross country 4×4 adventure catering to men and women and their off road vehicles from around the world. To take on the Outback you must have a spirit for adventure and a passion to challenge yourself. Teams navigate via GPS and must find hundreds of virtual waypoints along the way. There are no tracks, all they have is an arrow on their GPS and hundreds of waypoints in their road book. Held in Outback New South Wales and based in Broken Hill this event is both remote and extreme. Vehicles need the best suspension available along with extreme tyres and a driveline tough enough to hold it all together. And when the terrain becomes impassable to most, the latest technology in high-speed competition winches gets competitors and their machines to the finish. It sounds extreme and it is! And one day would break most, but to push hard for 3 days reveals the best of the best in strategy, survival, endurance and teamwork. This event is not won in one day and many find out the hard way. It’s the smart competitors with the reliable machinery that prevail.

The final stage is the toughest, and an event in its own right. With its debut in 2014, Mad Max was the longest stage in the history of the Outback Challenge. This 150km stage takes in the best of what the NSW Outback has to offer. The atmosphere at the start and the end of the race is thick with excitement and accomplishment. Mad Max is also open to the new Ultra 4 class of vehicles as a single day event.

Its survival of the fittest at its best, going back to work is like going on a holiday. And they may hate it while they are in it, but after its all said and done and the competitors reflect on where they have been and how they performed, its the emotion and the adventure of the Outback Challenge that draws them and many others from around the world back to Broken Hill and the Aussie Outback.