About Broken Hill

Broken Hill offers a breathtaking range of diverse landscapes to discover and explore. From lush wetlands and lakes to spectacular flat topped mesas and shimmering gibber desert plains.

The vibrant colours and perfect light have drawn film-makers and artists here to capture its special quality for decades. It packs a powerful punch – this dark, red soil contrasting with clear blue skies where the wedge-tailed eagle soars.

The horizons are vast and the big red kangaroos can cover 200 kilometers in a night chasing a thunderstorm. And yet there is also a smaller and more delicate scale of things in the Sturt’s Desert Pea and carpets of wildflowers after seasonal rains.

In the outback towns you will discover main streets of dirt, classic outback hospitality, unbelievable history and down-to-earth experiences.

At sunset, when the wide horizon glows red and orange and then the sky above rolls in with its blanket of stars you will marvel at the magnitude and relax in the silence.


The weather in Broken Hill is generally mild with only 8 to 10 days a year exceeding 38 degree’s C, the winter weather can get quite cold but generally the city experiences a mild winter.