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Mad Max is a Hard Enduro that takes competitors through the most extreme terrain the Australian Outback has to offer. Guided by GPS navigation competitors have 8 hours to attempt the completion of the 150km course. To determine the starting order of the main event you will experience the terrain in a 3 hour prologue designed with spectators in mind and all very close to base camp and race control. The prologue course is spectacular for both riders and spectators but it is not until the main event that you experience the EPIC landscape that we have access to.  Class’s will be divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold class is for the elite, you will have to be a highly skilled rider in order to finish this course in time. We have listened to the feedback and in 2020 we will challenge the best gold class hard enduro riders. Silver class is for your competent rider that wants a serious challenge. Expect 8 hours of hard work with gruelling challenges and EPIC rewards. Bronze class is the every mans class, any rider that has some experience on a dirt bike can have a go at Bronze class. It will be one of the hardest rides you have ever done but it will be achievable. The terrain we use is spectacular and the course is designed to give riders a breathtaking experience like they have never had before. This event is an experience not just a race. When you reach the peaks of these hills you can stop and take in the 360 views of this amazing country while you contemplate the next decent into the spectacular gorges.

Here are some specific details about Madmax

  • Dates of the event are the 25th and 26th of September.
  • The start/finish line is approximately 40km out of Broken Hill on the Silver City Hwy. Camping will be available on site.
  • Vehicles and trailers will be secure onsite.
  • The event is run completely on private property and registration is not required.
  • The Madmax course is approximately 150km. It is a mix of heavy sandy creek beds, extreme rocky gorges and shaley hills.
  • Starting order will be determined by a prologue.
  • Prologue is a 3hr cross country in close proximity to basecamp. 
  • It is a hard enduro and the riding is challenging.
  • The start line and camp ground are accessible by 2WD vehicle. All external pits are accessible by 4WD only. We will provide fuel transport if needed.
  • The event is monitored by sweep riders with Rally Safe tracking. Race control have a live feed on the location and status of these riders all of the time with communication via satellite.The course is navigated by GPS. You will be given a gpx file to download to your gps. This will give you a line you have to follow. There will be a few signs on the course with bunting where it matters. If you don’t have a GPS you won’t know where to go. There are no tracks to follow.
  • If you need a GPS and mount, go to the Outback Challenge store. click here

    Senior Entry – $250 | Junior Entry – $165 | Transponder Hire – $30

GPS tips and tricks

Final Instructions

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