Final Instructions – Madmax Hard Enduro Broken Hill, NSW

Host Club: Broken Hill Speedway Club
MA Steward: Steve Roissetter
Race Secretary: Kat Anderson
Clerk of Course: Jamie Buchanen
Medical: St Johns

Scrutineering: Open at 8AM-12pm 28th Sept 2018
Sign On: Open at 7AM-12pm 28th Sept 2018
Riders Briefing: 1PM 28th Sept 2018
Start of Practice: 9AM- 11AM 28th Sept 2018
Start of Racing(prologue): 2PM 28th Sept 2018
Start of Racing(main event): 8AM 29th Sept 2018

All competitors will be required to sign an indemnity form (Parent or guardian if competitor under 18 years) and must have and present a current MA Senior National licence or have a pre organised MA One Event Licence.

Bikes will be scrutineered on Friday the 28th of September between the hours of 8am-12pm. This will take place at the event race control. You must present your bike and helmet. No stickers or go pro brackets on helmets as per GCR’s.

Numbers must be clearly visible on the bike. Your number will be recorded at each checkpoint.

Riders may walk the prologue after 10am on Friday morning.

As per the GCRs the use of goggle tear offs at off-road events is banned as they are not biodegradable and are harmful to the environment, native animals and stock.

$10.00 per person per night. Pay at sign in if you haven’t already (cash only) and a sticker will be given to you to be placed on your windscreen. Every vehicle MUST have a sticker. You will be directed to your camp site after you sign in. Toilets only will be available, and there will be NO water at the venue. Noise is to be kept to a minimum with no excessive noise or generators after 11:00pm. The access track will be maintained as best as possible but it will chew up with traffic. It is possible that a standard 2wd vehicle will have trouble getting in and out of the campsite. Camp Fires are allowed but you must bring a fire drum. No glass is permitted in the campsite and all rubbish must be taken with you.

Dogs/pets are not permitted at the event. No other motorcycles are permitted other than those registered as officials, competitors or spectators on fully registered bikes.

Will be available for breakfast and lunch and dinner from Thursday to Saturday.

Travel approximately 30km north of Broken Hill on the Silver City Hwy toward Tibooburra. Corona Rd will be on your left. Travel along Corona Rd for 500m until you cross the first cattle grid. Immediately after the cattle grid turn left. This will be sign posted. Travel along the track for 3.6km and you will be at sign in.

In order to get access to the pit areas you must register your vehicle at sign in. You will be given a sticker for the windscreen to notify the marshal onsite of the vehicles accreditation. With limited space in the pit areas only 1 vehicle per rider is permitted. Please note the access to Pit 1 is strictly 4WD only. A 2WD vehicle or all wheel drive will not get there. Allow an hour to get to Pit 1. For those without a pit vehicle we can provide transport of your fuel and supplies. Make sure they are well labelled.

Enviromats must be used when replenishing any fluids. All riders must dismount from the bike before refuelling and engines must be stopped.

After sign in you can get your gpx file at race control. This will be well marked. Make sure you know how to use you GPS and how to turn the track display on and off. It is up to you to know how this works, we will not have time to teach you. Make sure you carry spare batteries with you. We recommend an anti glare screen protector as it can be hard to see in the dust and bright sunlight. Remember – without a functioning GPS you will have no idea where to go.

There will be a basic practice track setup so you can test your gps. This will be a speed restricted course. There will be no practise area on the property otherwise.

All riders (parent or guardian if under 18years) must attend, there will be a random roll call, any competitor not present will be fined.

Cross Country Course: A single 150km Loop in extreme Outback terrain consisting of sandy river beds, extreme rocky gorges and shaly hills. The course is navigated primarily by GPS. There will be markers on the course to notify of some sharp turns. Please note: Not all obstacles or turns will be marked. The course is broken up into 5 stages. You must stop at each checkpoint where your number will be recorded. It is at this point where you will turn on the next stage on your GPS. At the end of the event the place getter will have their GPS reviewed to ensure the correct course was followed. Make sure you have your track recording set to on. If a course cannot be determined the rider will be ineligible for results. No Deviation will be accepted. Any competitor found to have deviated from the intent of the course and gaining an advantage will be given a time penalty of a minimum 5 minutes up to exclusion from the event.

The start order will be determined by a prologue. The prologue will be a marked course and will not require GPS navigation. Starters will leave in pairs at 15 second intervals unless deemed unsuitable on the day. The Clerk of Course reserves the right to seed riders into the start order for the purposes of safety before the event.

Will take place at the completion of Madmax after 6pm.