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2020 Mad Max Registration - Car

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Mad Max takes competitors through the most extreme terrain that the Australian Outback has to offer. Guided by GPS navigation competitors are required to complete the 150km course within 8 hours. Scores are given for distance achieved. The is no DNF.  The terrain includes soft sandy creek beds, rocky gorges, mountains of shale and high speed station tracks.

Madmax is open to all classes of vehicles sanctioned by the CCDA including Production Class, Challenge Class, Open Class, SXS and Ultra 4. Registration is not required for this stage.

You will need to purchase a Rally Safe installation kit. Click here to purchase Rally Safe is a GPS tracking and timing device. It is essential for the safety of this event. Unit hire is covered by your entry fee. You must be a CCDA member for insurance reasons. You can sign up at

The format to the Outbck Challenge has changed in 2020 because of COVID19. For the week in the leadup there is no competition. However there are plenty of driving activities in the leadup starting on the 22nd of September. These activities are designd for everybody to experience the Outback. Driving challenges range from very easy tours with camping to experienced drives trough Madmax country. See Adventure Tours for more detail. A competitor Entry Fee will include all camping and these Adventure Tours.

Pit Crews that would like to take part in the Adventure Tours must purchase a Spectator Package and check the Pit Crew box and Allocate which team they are crewing for. Only 1 vehicle can be nominated as a team crew vehicle. The maximum number of Pit Crew is 5.

  • The cost of entry to Mad Max is $750. Due by the 31st July 2020
  • Support vehicle is $100 for the race weekend plus $10 per person per night of camping.
    (eg. 1 vehicle = $100, 3 people for 2 nights = $60. Pit Crew expenses are $160)
    Pit Crew wishing to join the Adventure Tours must purchase a spectator package with the Pit Crew box checked.
  • Late entry is $1000

Scrutineering – 23rd & 24th of September.
Race 1 – 9am Saturday the 25th of September
Race 2 – 6pm Saturday the 25th of September.
Mad Max is the 26th of September 2020!
Nominations must be in and complete by Friday July 31 2020!

When you complete the entry form you will be redirected to the payment page. Payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card or Direct Deposit.