• What is Mad Max
    Mad Max is a single lap of 150km and you have 8 hours to complete the course. It travels though 3 outback stations north east of Broken Hill. The course is natural terrain with very few marked tracks. The terrain is very difficult and suited to very capable offroad vehicles. The course is navigated by GPS.
  • What sort of vehicle do I need?
    You need a well set up 4WD vehicle. This can be a production vehicle or a custom built vehicle. There are strict safety requirements for your vehicle. These can be found at the CCDA website. Use the links below.
    Roll Cages | Rules and Regulations | Log Books and Scrutineering
  • Does my vehicle have to be registered?
    No, Madmax is run entirely on private property. You do not need registration.
  • What fuel range do I need?
    The lap is 150km with 2 fuel stops. One at 55km and the next at 118km
  • Do we need a GPS?
    Yes you will need a GPS. You will be provided with a .gpx track file and the coordinates. In order to follow the course and find the waypoints you will need a GPS that you can enter coordinates into. A ‘navman’ style road GPS will not work.
  • What is Rally Safe and Do we need it?
    Rallysafe is a satellite tracking device, it is how we follow you and track your progress. It also lets you know when you have reached the virtual waypoints. You must reach all of these waypoints. We will provide you with the rallysafe unit but you must purchase the installation kit. Click here to purchase.
  • Do I need to be a CCDA member?
    Yes, to validate our insurance all competitors must be CCDA members.