Email to Madmax Competitors (CAR) – 27th June 2020)

I hope you are all travelling well and keeping our friend Rona at bay. She sure is creating havoc. But not for Madmax, we are still full steam ahead for this years event in September. 
     Recently I have advertised the event as being on the 26th and 27th (Saturday and Sunday). However I have been in negotiation with the property owners and we don’t have access to the property for competition on Sunday the 27th. So the dates are as they were originally. Race 1 and Race 2 will be on Friday the 25th and Madmax will be on Saturday the 26th. Apologies if this has caused any inconvenience.

       The entry Fee for Madmax is $750 due on the 31st of July. An entry after this date is a late entry and the price is $1000. If however you are competing in Wild Dog you may pay a $250 deposit (non refundable) by the 31st of July and the balance will be due on the 14th of August. If you do not pay the deposit a late entry will apply.

   If you are planning on entering Madmax please do so asap. Don’t leave it to the last minute, if you know you are going, then do it now. If you have already entered the full OBC you don’t need to fill in another entry form. Just click here to process your payment. There is a lot of preparation and expense that goes into this event. We need to know numbers so we can plan. If we can get your entries rolling in the momentum will grow along with the event.

       Your Madmax entry includes access to the Adventure Tours. This is a great opportunity to settle in and enjoy your time in the outback. You will get the chance to give your car a test run with out the clock. You will get to experience the terrain at leisure and actually have a look around and enjoy the banter with other competitors, family and friends. The Outback Challenge is an experience not just a race. Click here to find out more about the adventure tours.

 If you have any questions please reply to this email.
 If you want to talk please call between 6:30-8pm weeknights or on the weekend.

Email to Madmax Hard Enduro Competitors – 27 June 2020

    Thanks for your commitment to this years event and welcome to the riders that have not done this event before. The numbers are rolling in nicely. To see who has entered click here. There are some cool stats at the bottom of the riders list also. (for you number geeks)

    As far as Covid19 goes well your guess is as good as mine, we are pushing forward 100%. We are keeping an eye on the constantly changing regulations and we are go unless the government tells us otherwise. 

   Another thing to note is the change to AMA insurance. AMA has been a strong supporter of the Hard Enduros in this country and are very keen to get behind Madmax. What this means is you will need an AMA membership to compete in this years Madmax. For those of you that already have this there is no more you need to do. For those of you that don’t you will need to join (we will send you more information in the coming weeks). And for those of you that have already paid for a MA one event licence, we will refund this to you.

     Dates for this event have reverted back to the original dates of the 25th and 26th of September. We have been recently publishing the dates of the 26th and 27th. Please disregard these, we were hoping to utilise the weekend and have been negotiating with the property owners. We have not been able to secure the Sunday so the event is now going to be on the Friday and Saturday. So please note the correct dates are the 25th and 26th of September. I apologise for the confusion and the inconvenience if it has caused.

Keep hitting the trails

Email to Madmax Hard Enduro Competitors – 15 June 2020

What a crazy year it has been! There is not a single event in 2020 that has not been affected by COVID19. The Outback Challenge certainly was not immune. What was a 7 day event for the cars has now been cut back to a 2 day event. But the good news for the Madmax Hard Enduro is that it is basically still the same. We are changing the dates by 1 day now that the Grand Final holiday has moved. So scrutineering will now be on Saturday the 26th of September followed by a 3 hour hard enduro cross country to get you warmed up for the big one. The cross country course will be a bronze class standard. The lap will be at least 20min long. You wont get sandy berms and MX lines, you will get steep rocky knarly hills and technical creek beds. The results of this cross country will determine the starting order for Madmax. The cross country will be held close to basecamp with the pits easily accessible for everybody. Basecamp is accessible to 2WD vehicles and caravans. This race will have a live feed for everybody to tune in. Saturday night there will be a party for everybody involved, but you wont want to go too hard because there will be a breath tester on site and we will be using it.
   Madmax is what you are really there for and with our first successful event under our belt we know how to make it better. Bronze class will be a similar standard to 2018….If you are an amateur rider this is a serious workout that you will feel for days, the scenery is stunning and you get to experience the adventure and remoteness of the Australian Outback. Silver class will be harder with a taste of what the Gold class riders have asked for. As for Gold class be sure that is what you want to do as this is going to be a real test…If you finish in 8 hours that is going to be a tick next to your riding ability. This event needs to gain the respect it deserves and the standard needs to be world class….it will be. Presentations will be made on Sunday night at the completion of Madmax.
    On another note we will be changing our insurance from MA to AMA. AMA has been very supportive of the hard enduro scene and are keen to help us run this event and grow the sport. To use AMA all riders need to be a member and the annual fee is $50. Anyone who has ridden one of the Grass Roots series will most likely already have one of these memberships. If you have already entered Madmax and paid for a one event MA licence for $75, you will be refunded $25 to cover you AMA membership or the whole amount if you already have an AMA membership. We will contact all riders this applies to.
    We are excited to see this country slowly return to normal and we are excited to be back on track with this event. If you have ridden this event you know how unique and amazing it is, if not then you need to experience it. If you want to come early we have activities for 4 days in the lead up to this event that you are very welcome to be a part of. Bring the family and make it a worthwhile experience for every body. If you want to know more go to the spectator packages on the outback challenge website.
      If you have any questions please contact us and we can put them on the frequently asked questions page to benefit everybody. We are excited and we want to get you excited. This is an awesome experience that you have to tick off. See you in September.

Steve and the Epic Madmax Crew

Email to Outback Challenge Car Competitors – 14 June 2020

   This is an update of whats happening with the Outback Challenge this year. As mentioned in the last email that we sent we are unable to run the full 7 day race due to the logistics, time and people required to run it. And at the time the uncertainty of the future meant we had to make a decision based on what we knew (which was very little). But as we had always planned we are going to keep the Outback Challenge alive with Madmax.
    Madmax is the Australian version of King of the Hammers. We have hundreds of thousands of acres of epic landscape to use and the plan is to get as much action into one weekend as possible. The event will begin on the Tuesday before for everybody involved. We will be taking spectators on tours to give them the epic Outback Challenge experience. This is all open to you guys as part of your entry and we hope you can make it and relax into the event. The extreme tour ventures into Madmax country where we show the spectators what you do. Could be a good chance to give your car a run in the rocks and see what you are in for. The whole event will be a basecamp setup, access to basecamp will be 2WD, so you can bring cars, caravans and semi’s. There will be toilets and showers onsite for convenience and hygiene (you will need it after Madmax). On the Thursday night we will throw a party for you to get acquainted with each other.  For any old school OBC competitors you will know Thursday night at the Mulga was when you let your hair down before the big event. We want to recreate that. Friday will be scrutineering and the real fun will begin at 9am on Saturday the 26th. The first race will be a multi car, multi lap 4 hour race. The hills will be long and steep. Some will be barely drivable. You will be winching if you stuff it up, otherwise you will make it all the way around. The lap will be 45min to an hour in duration. At the end of each lap you will race along pit lane where your pit crew will be setup to keep you going if needed. At 4 hours the competitor who has completed the most laps will be deemed the winner. Race 2 will be the same format but you will need your lights for this one. Each of these races will be worth 100 points. There is no DNF only a DNS. I have race 2 down as a 4 hour race now but will consider 2 hours if a group consensus chooses. I don’t want to break you before the big one. There will be a party on Saturday night for everybody but you guys will have to go easy because you will be breath tested on Sunday Morning before Madmax.
    This is what you are here for! We are going to send you through all of the best parts of Poolamacca and blow your mind. You will experience long sandy creek beds, endless rocky gorges, cliffs and escarpments that will keep you in awe. You are going to need all 8 hours if you want to complete this course. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t as this stage is worth 400 points and you are scored by distance achieved. It is not a DNF if you don’t finish in 8 hours. When you role back into basecamp we will have presentation and a big bonfire to celebrate your achievements. 
     We are in the process of updating the website with entries and details. As soon as this is finalised we will let you know. Please if you have any questions shoot them too me and I can put them in the frequently asked questions. I will answer them as soon as I can but luckily I am still working 60 hours a week and am in bed at old man time.
    So, our plan is to build an Epic event that rivals the Finke Desert race and resembles King of the Hammers. We have access to the most amazing terrain all we need to make this epic is you.

11th April 2018

Attention all epic Outback Challenge and Mad Max competitors. After much consideration 2018 is the year that race suits become compulsory for all Outback Challenge and Mad Max participants. This is not a decision that has been made lightly but our management team believe it is the right decision for our event.

The safety of our competitors and marshals is paramount and race suits offer a level of protection never achieved before in winch challenge racing. Remote area long course events offer a unique opportunity to race in terrain rarely seen over distances unachievable closer to suburbia, While this makes for some great stages it also provides greater risk and danger.

Higher fuel loads and faster cars combined with the time it takes for help to arrive in the areas we compete means every second counts if your vehicle catches fire. Fire is one of the worst situations possible for teams at the Challenge and we want to manage the risk as best we can to minimise the impact on competitors and marshals in the event a serious fire occurs.

Our decision was made easier by feedback from competitors that trialled race suits at our 2017 event. Both teams that competed in race suit were happy doing so and saw no reason that they wouldn’t use then at future events.

The minimum standard for race suits in 2018 will be a single layer suit complying with SFI3.2a/1.with a preferred option being a 2 layer suit complying with  SFI3.2a/5. There will be more detail on how and when the suit will need to be worn in the 2018 supplementary regulations but basically if you are on stage and you should be wearing your safety harness you should be in your race suit.

The Outback Challenge management team thanks you for your ongoing support.

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