11th April 2018

Attention all epic Outback Challenge and Mad Max competitors. After much consideration 2018 is the year that race suits become compulsory for all Outback Challenge and Mad Max participants. This is not a decision that has been made lightly but our management team believe it is the right decision for our event.

The safety of our competitors and marshals is paramount and race suits offer a level of protection never achieved before in winch challenge racing. Remote area long course events offer a unique opportunity to race in terrain rarely seen over distances unachievable closer to suburbia, While this makes for some great stages it also provides greater risk and danger.

Higher fuel loads and faster cars combined with the time it takes for help to arrive in the areas we compete means every second counts if your vehicle catches fire. Fire is one of the worst situations possible for teams at the Challenge and we want to manage the risk as best we can to minimise the impact on competitors and marshals in the event a serious fire occurs.

Our decision was made easier by feedback from competitors that trialled race suits at our 2017 event. Both teams that competed in race suit were happy doing so and saw no reason that they wouldn’t use then at future events.

The minimum standard for race suits in 2018 will be a single layer suit complying with SFI3.2a/1.with a preferred option being a 2 layer suit complying with  SFI3.2a/5. There will be more detail on how and when the suit will need to be worn in the 2018 supplementary regulations but basically if you are on stage and you should be wearing your safety harness you should be in your race suit.

The Outback Challenge management team thanks you for your ongoing support.

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