• What is the Outback Challenge?
        The Outback Challenge is a 6 day cross country navigation 4×4 adventure catering to men and women and their off road vehicles from around the world. Teams navigate via GPS and must find hundreds of virtual waypoints along the way. There are no tracks, all they have is an arrow on their GPS and hundreds of waypoints in their road book. Held in Outback New South Wales and based in Broken Hill this event is both remote and extreme. Teams are to be completely self sufficient in every way. They carry their own food, spares and bedding to last the week. Vehicles need the best suspension available along with extreme tyres and a driveline tough enough to hold it all together. And when the terrain becomes impassable to most, the latest technology in high-speed competition winches gets competitors and their machines to the finish. It sounds extreme and it is! And one day would break most, but to push hard for 6 days reveals the best of the best in strategy, survival, endurance and teamwork. This event is not won in one day and many find out the hard way. It’s the smart competitors with the reliable machinery that prevail.
  • What do the spectators get?
        As a spectator you will gain access to the best extreme action locations of the Outback Challenge. These locations are not accessible to the public as we will be driving and camping on massive private stations. These properties will need to be respected and care taken when visiting. Be prepared to see some amazing landscapes and remote places that few get to see. You will be putting your vehicle in 4WD and in some cases low range to get through. Tour Leaders will be with you all the way if you have any concerns. And if you want to take that extra step join in some navigation competitions just like the competitors and win prizes supplied by our sponsors. You will also be treated to nightly entertainment and have access to all areas of the Outback Challenge
  • How far do we travel for the week?
        You will travel between 800-1000kms for the week. It is advised that your vehicle can travel 400 road km on 1 tank of fuel.
  • Do we need our own camping equipment?
        Yes – you do need to provide all of your own camping equipment. Including toilet facilities. For 3 nights you will be camped at the base camp, there are toilet and shower facilities here(basecamp is approximately 40km from Broken Hill). You will be camped away from civilisation for 4 nights. However you will have access to shops and camping grounds during the week for supplies and a shower. The camping grounds are happy to let you shower for a small fee. Keep in mind the drought is horrendous at the moment and water is scarce. Lets hope the rains come before September.
  • Can we stock up on supplies during the week?
    Yes – you will pass through small towns like Wilcannia and Menindee during the week. You will also go though Broken Hill midweek so there is plenty of opportunity to restock. You will receive a more detailed itinerary before the event.
  • Do we have a guide?
        Yes – We have guides that lead you from property to property. We will break you into different groups based on the pace you want to travel.
  • Do we need a 4WD?
        Yes – you need a 4WD with a dedicated low range. AWD vehicle will not have the ground clearance to access all areas.
  • Can we bring a caravan?
    A dedicated offroad caravan would get to most locations. Most certainly an on road caravan would not. Offroad camper trailers are ideal. Just be aware that for a few days there will be quite a bit of travelling during the day with early starts. So you want to be able to pack up pretty quick and be ready to move.
  • How do we communicate with the tour leaders?
        You will need a UHF radio in your vehicle. A hand held is fine. You will be issued a vehicle number and this is how you will be identified until you are on first name basis. Be prepared to meet new friends.
  • Do we need a GPS?
        No – you do not need a GPS, but there will be navigation challenges if you wish to take part. And you will get all of the coordinates in your spectator road book if you want to learn to navigate.
  • Can we travel alone?
        No – you must stick with the tour guide. These are private stations that we are travelling on and we must stick to the times in which we travel and the conditions of the station owners. We travel on a very strict time schedule. This is so you get to see the Outback Challenge competitors race through the outback.
  • Can we visit these places later?
        No – These are all private properties. At any other times you will be trespassing. However some do have farm stays. The property owners are very friendly people and if you contact them i’m sure they can accomodate but without permission there is strictly no access. If you wanted to visit at a later date speak to us and we will put you in contact with the right people.
  • Will we have fun on this adventure?
        Absoulutely! – That is what it is all about, you will see some amazing places with incredible geographical history. Not only that you will get to see some very high spec offroad machines take on some of the toughest terrain imaginable. Most people think the desert is flat….not where we go. This challenge runs through some of the toughest most rugged landscapes in Australia. Not only is it rugged but incredibly beautiful.
    At camp we like to make it all inclusive with a communal campfire every night, you are free to make your own and gaze at the stars or get chatting with the many new friends you will make. But remember this is not only an adventure for the competitors but for the spectators as well. If you want room service and your bed made every morning then maybe this isn’t for you. If you love exploring, driving, experiencing new places and meeting new people then this is it.