A few words from some previous OBC participants…

One of the best things I’ve done in my life! It’s awesome to see all the hard work pay off for chippa and crew.
The future is bright for OBC!
Justin Jackson – Competitor

Best event I’ve ever done!! You haven’t lived the #winchtrucklife till you’ve raced an event like this.
My truck is wrecked and I can’t stop smiling!
Owen Lacey – Competitor

Hey Mate,

Just wanted to say, thanks for the massive week. It had been a dream of mine, to do an Outback! Thanks for giving us the chance to do it. The Mad Max stage was by far the high light of the event. Flying out of the creek and seeing everyone at the pub was something I’ll never forget.

I hope you get the support you need to make it happen again.

Thanks Owen.
Owen Lacey – Competitor

Hi Chippa,
Just wanted to congratulate you on how you ran OBC 2014, you have lifted the bar on 4wd events.
Phill Carr – Competitor

Chippa, just wanted to congratulate you mate on a world class motor racing event.
At last a true V8 Offroad endurance event designed by drivers for drivers. Once the week got underway after the Stephens Crk and Prologue it was what most of us have always talked about round the fire or on the way home on what we would like an event to be. No more driving for hours lining up for more hours to take on a 5 min winch wall or pissy lap of a sand track. No more waiting hours for a broken car to be recovered from an obstacle or worse a 5am start to finish a 5 min stage next morning. You nailed the format, the scoring and most importantly the tracks and the stages. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more although as an endurance event in the heat it was like 5 Bathurst’s in a row. This is now a true test of man, machine and team. Well done Chippa and well done to all your support team particularly Huddy, and Jim. Looking forward to info on next years event.
Andy Miller – Competitor

Hardest both mentally and physically event I have ever competed in and loved every second of it. Chippa, Mel, Hudyy all the station owners and Marshalls you guys deserve all the credit for all your efforts and extremely hard work.
I dare anyone to try this event next year and hopefully its stinking hot again, coz that adds to the real life toughness.
Robbie Calvert – Competitor